Member's Only: Medium's new subscription plan

Earlier this year, online publishing platform Medium announced they were closing their NYC and DC offices and laying off a third of their staff. Today they announced the launch of their revamped business plan and their new subscription model, which allows paid members to eliminate ads and gain access to premium, curated content. This new optional upgrade to become a “founding member of Medium” costs $5 per month and these members will be the first to experience new versions of the platform and .

At the moment, it's unclear exactly what the additional features paid members will have access to are, but Medium has stated that money from the subscription cost will go to writers and publishers, replacing revenue that would have been earned from ads and allowing writers to charge for access to their content. Paid users, as founding members, will also have input into the future direction of Medium. With this move away from a traditional ads-based revenue model to a subscription model, a la Spotify and SoundCloud, it will be interesting to see how this influences access to written media online.

Taryn Anderson