Develop Your Personal Brand With These 5 Simple Steps

In today’s oversaturated world, it can seem difficult to stand out. Whether you’re looking for a new job, to grow within your organization, to boost your social media presence, or even to expand your network, it’s important to have a personal brand. Your personal brand separates you from the noise. 

What do you value?

Identify what you truly care about and want to represent. What do you stand for? Think about what you enjoy about yourself and what you want to project to the world.


What makes you unique?

Your unique attributes are what attract people to you and make you memorable. Own your uniqueness and use your creativity to stand out from the crowd.

What are your strengths?

Do you have a speciality or a certain focus in your career field that gives you a leg up over others? Think about what you’re passionate about and excel at, and make sure to emphasize this.

CRAFT an elevator pitch

If you don’t have one, or haven’t recently re-evaluated yours, it’s important to be able to sum yourself up in just a few sentences.  Have you ever been lost for words when someone has asked you what you’re passionate about or who you are in a nutshell? Learn how to describe yourself in a succinct and intriguing way and you’ll not only have a great answer, but you’ll be able to open up new doors and opportunities for yourself.

Who influences you?

Identify people who’s opinions and voice you value. You’ve probably heard the adage “You are the people you spend the most time with,” so why not surround yourself with people who inspire you. With social media, you are able to connect with and reach tons of influential people and thought leaders in your industry, people who you most likely wouldn’t have access to in real life. Determine the people who’s voices you admire and subscribe to their blog posts and follow them on social media to hear their unique point of views and learn from their examples.

Taryn Anderson