Digital Nomad? Keep Your Career on Track While Traveling Abroad

By Taryn Anderson

The life of the digital nomad is envied by many. However thrilling it seems, constant travel and instability don’t always go hand in hand with productivity. Make it work with these 3 insider tips on how to thrive career-wise as a digital nomad.

  1. Consider Coworking

Coworking spaces offer all kinds of benefits when working abroad. Network with fellow travelers and remote workers, get access to great wifi, get feedback on your projects, and surround yourself with other driven people to stay motivated. 

It can be lonely moving to a new, foreign city where you most likely know zero people, but joining a coworking space gives you access to a community of people who are all in the same boat. Traveling Lifestyle has a great list of coworking spaces around the world.


2. Establish a routine

Especially if you're freelancing or have a remote role without set hours, it's difficult to hold yourself accountable when you're in a new place. It can be tempting to take full advantage of your flexible schedule to explore, especially when you're surrounded by other travelers and everything is so new, however, scheduling time for work is crucial to staying on track. The FOMO will soon fade and there will be plenty of time for fun.

3. Set goals

To stay on track and prioritized, it's important to have defined goals and deadlines. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. This will help you hold yourself accountable while you keep a list of what you're accomplishing so you have something tangible to show for your time abroad.

Taryn Anderson